Pharos Ensemble is named after “φάρος”, from the Greek word “lighthouse” and specializes in the music of the Greek refugees of Anatolia. The ensemble consists of four highly acclaimed musicians and educators from Greece and Cyprus, all of whom are graduates of the prestigious Berklee College of Music. They have all studied their musical traditions in depth and they currently present them in the United States and around the world. 


The ensemble's goal is to present and preserve Greek traditional music in the United States, mainly focusing on the Greek musical heritage of the refugees from Anatolia. Their story began in 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts where the members met through the Berklee College of Music community, with a common love and passion for traditional music, and since then, they have built an audience amongst Greek and non-Greek communities around the world. Their first video single "Menexedes kai Zoumpoulia" reached over 1 million views on Facebook and Pharos Ensemble appeared on the National Television of Greece (ERT) for a live interview.


The ensemble’s members have a long list of credentials that include performances with, Petroloukas Halkias, Christos Zotos, Glykeria, Cirque Du Soleil, Danilo Perez, Dave Liebman, Anat Cohen, to name a few and appearances in prestigious venues such as: the Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Princeton University, MIT, Harvard University, Cornell University, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Megaron - Athens Concert Hall and WOMEX and the 2018 Annual Archon Weekend event in New York City.

Recent appearances

Harvard University

Berklee College of Music

Princeton University

Cornell University


Lowell Folk Festival 2019

Annual Archon Weekend NY

Washington DC Greek Cathedral

First Church in Cambridge

Boston Greek Cathedral

Maliotis Cultural Center

National Greek Television